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Jean-Max Roger

Jean-Max Roger and two of his three sons are leading the Estate.

The Estate covers an area of 26 hectares in the Appellation Contrôlée Sancerre, located 200 kilometres south of Paris on the left bank of the Loire river and 6 hectares in the Appellation Contrôlée Menetou-Salon zone, 15 km west from Sancerre.

The vines of the Estate belonging to Sancerre area are planted 70% with Sauvignon Blanc and 30% with Pinot Noir. In Menetou-Salon the Sauvignon Blanc covers 80% of the planted vines, Pinot Noir 20%. To take part in a sustainable viticulture, the vineyard is managed to protect the environment and to prevent the soils from deteriorating.

Long fermentations with wild yeasts and aging on lies give full-bodied wines with a developed palate structure. They also keep intact the fruit and the freshness. This is one of the originalities of our wines. The other ones are our exceptional terroirs located in the villages of Bué and Amigny in Sancerre and Morogues in Menetou-Salon.



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